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Richard Jaffe is a health care litigator and counselor with a primary focus on cutting-edge medical/legal issues. He represents  practitioners, companies and health related organizations in complex health care matters throughout the United States, especially legal cases brought by federal and state government agencies. He has extensive experience in Medicare and insurance fraud defense, FDA litigation, professional licensure and criminal and civil scheduled drug prescribing problems, including medical marijuana and OxyContin. He also has represented doctors and companies involved in the clinical use of stem cells, and works on matters involving nutritional supplements.

GALILEO'S LAWYER  By Richard A. Jaffe, ESQ.
Courtroom Battles in Alternative Health, Complementary Medicine and Experimental Treatments

"Galileo’s Lawyer is an insider's view of the alternative health care field as told from the perspective of the legal battles involving the most popular and controversial complementary and alternative health care practitioners.
  • Go inside the courtroom during the government's attempts to shut down a cancer clinic which was saving hundreds of terminally ill patients, and see how the U.S. Congress came to the clinic's rescue;
  • Meet a group of New Jersey Chiropractors who sued the government for "racketeering" for employing an illegal extortion scheme;
  • Watch the nutritionists battle the dietitians over dietary supplements; and
  • Find out why naturopaths are prosecuted for practicing medicine without a license.
Galileo's Lawyer is a living history about the struggles between medical maverics, their patients, and the government."

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Mr. Jaffe has also filed federal civil rights, RICO and similar actions for health care practitioners and organizations against insurance companies and state officials, and has obtained precedent setting decisions. He has extensive experience representing chiropractors, and is writes frequently on the legal aspects of multidisciplinary clinics and other issues relating to Chiropractic.

Mr. Jaffe has helped organize and testified at several Congressional Hearings on various issues related to patients' rights and access to experimental medicine, and has appeared on national media shows, such as Nightline, Dateline, Good Morning America, 48 Hours.  (See  Articles of Interest ).  Mr. Jaffe is a graduate of Columbia Law School, where he was a member of the Columbia Law Review.   Mr. Jaffe has an office in Houston, Texas.


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